She has Made $120,000 Buying and Selling Social Accounts

Today, we review the Buying and Selling Social Accounts - Facebook fanpage, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube Channel, Web Services, Digital Trade and earn biggest from this site. After research so that you can make a smart decision. Today, I tell about her story, how to she made $120,000 by selling-buying social accounts and more everyday.

She sells the accounts on this website

It’s her full-time job, and she’s flipped more than 1,000 pages.

Melissa runs the website It’s a registered business that sells accounts. She’s sold more than 1,200 pages and said she makes over $30,000 monthly from the business. Thus far, she’s made a total of $120,000.

Melissa told - “I started selling accounts two years ago,” she said. “I created a fashion Instagram page because I like fashion. People followed it, and then I sold it for $30.”

Soon after she sold her fashion page, she found several Reddit forums where other users were trying to sell their accounts. She realized she could make some money. “I started making more accounts and reselling other accounts until I made a formal business”.

What accounts can be bought and sold?
Its similar websites like tooSwap and FameSwap, generally sell “social media” or “youtube channel” accounts. You can also buy-sell facebook fanpages, instagram, tiktok, twitter accounts and ready made website or other online services.

Melissa says all of the accounts listed for sale on have real followings. She told Swapd she uses the service Author to verify the authenticity of the accounts she follows. “I even go to all of the profiles personally and look through the comments to make sure they are from real people,” Melissa said.

‘I bought [one account] when it had 50,000 followers. The page ended up growing to 866,000 followers within a year and is now worth around $10,000.’

Some accounts listed for sale on Swapd are going for as much $15,000. These accounts have nearly 1 million followers and tout high engagement. Swapd hides their full usernames to protect the accounts and their owners.

How can you do it?

1. Firstly, go to website and Create an account.[*Do not open more than one account, otherwise you will get banned]

2. Verify your mobile number and email address.

3. Now start to verify your identity by submitting your ID card, passport or driving license. Follow the bot instruction @verification.


4. Once you submit your id card, you will get this message.

5. Now start to create new topic to sell your digital properties online. [*Do not share your fanpage link, social profile link, whatsapp number in the topic post body otherwise you will get banned]

N.B: When you sell anything, you need to discuss with your buyer about payment method (paypal, bitcoin, bank wire), swapd fees etc. Read Swapd terms and condition before trading anything on this site. 

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