How To Choose The Best Type of Bed

Choosing the best type of bed for a good night’s sleep is, by no means, an easy feat. There are so many things to consider. Types or sizes of the mattresses, bed frames, sleeping positions, physical discomforts, price – feels like an endless list of things to consider.

How To Choose The Best Type of Bed

Then there is the option to choose from store purchase or online shopping. Does the thought of navigating through all of those seem like a daunting task? Are you feeling sleepy already? How about we do the grunt work and you just pick your best fit?

If our proposition suites you, please carry on reading to know more about how you can choose the best type of bed.

Things You Should Know

Mattress is the final piece that can make a good bed for you. But before selecting the best mattress for sleeping, you also need to consider a few other important things. Let’s get to know them at first.


Sleeping positions:

It may seem irrelevant but your sleeping position has a few things to say about what type of mattress would be best for you. When you wake up, you end up in one of the positions among the below three:

  1. Side: you wake up and find yourself sleeping sideways
  2. Back: you find yourself sleeping on your back after waking up.
  3. Stomach: you sleep flat on your stomach.

Back Pain:

Many things can cause back pain – the wrong mattress without proper support is one them.

Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain is one of the leading causes that make Americans visit their doctors. One of the reasons for strain in the lower back is sleeping too long in an unsuitable position.

Side sleepers experience this when hips and shoulders do not stay put in the natural alignment of our body. The reason is that the mattress can’t support the whole spine to remain soundly positioned.

If a mattress is either too soft or too hard – it can cause lower back pain for stomach and back sleepers.

So, it appears if you are a side sleeper, Firm to Medium Firm mattresses are for you. Whereas back and stomach sleepers should opt for Firm to Medium Firm mattresses.


Middle and Upper Back Pain:

The anatomy in the middle and upper back regions is stable. Strong back muscles and congested vertebrae can absorb twisting motions that usually result in sprains and strains. Hence, it’s a far less common issue.

If you have this problem, probably they are due to other physical issues rather than caused by a mattress. A mattress that can relieve pressure is the best fit for protection and comfort.


Body Compositions:

Our weight and shape of the body are important factors to consider before buying mattress.

People under 130 pounds should choose softer options. In the opposite end of the spectrum, people over 230 should get firm mattresses. This will protect their pressure points by responding as per the weight put on it. Latex and hybrid versions are perfectly equipped to handle higher loads.

On the other hand, if you are in the mid range like from 130 to 230, you have greater options. You can either choose latex, hybrid or foam – each one would be a perfect fit for you.

Our body shape can also dictate about which type of mattress would be best for our bodies. Broad shoulder and hip requires softness, to provide contouring, especially in the case for side sleeper.

Likewise, if you are over 6 feet, you should be careful to choose a mattress that will let you stretch comfortably.


Mattress Selection:

The above considerations can narrow your options quite a bit. To further narrow it down, let’s start with a size-chart for the mattresses:

The above chart should give a clear idea about the size of the mattress that you should choose.

What about the materials those make them? How about their longevity?  How much money do you have to spend for the choice you make? For simplicity’s sake, we have only included the price range of Queen Mattresses.

Let’s find out:

We are almost there.

If you follow the chart, it’s possible that you will get most of the answers you can ask for.

Let’s talk about some other things that will help you make up your mind:


Be Sure About Buying:

Ask yourself this – do I really need a new one? Let me help you with the answer – if the mattress in question surpasses its longevity, you definitely should buy a new one.


Price Considerations

Do you need to get the most expensive one to get good, quality sleep? Not always – but high price usually transpires into higher quality, and vice versa. But spending about a $1000 will usually get you the most bangs for your buck.


Saving The Planet

If you look for green certifications from manufacturers, you might have to pay a few extra hundreds. But that can inspire manufactures making efforts to go green.



Sometimes manufactures pillows, matters topers, foundations etc. Availing one such offer might save you a few quid.


Make Of The product:

When you choose a homemade a mattress, it will cost you more. Manufacturers in the U.S. or Canada charge more than overseas producers.


Online sellers may ship the product to your door for free. But if you choose express shipping, prepare to pay extra.


Return Fees:

If you shop online, make sure the seller has the full-refund return policy with covering the cost for transportation, load-unload etc.


Online Shopping Or In-Store Purchase: 

That’s a biggie. You can go to a brick-and-mortar store and pay a few dollars more than from online shopping. But you will get to see the mattress and experience it firsthand.

But if you shop online regularly and are confident about the sellers or manufacturers, why spend more? If that’s not case, it would probably be better to visit in-stores.


Final Words:

Before deciding which bed would be best for you, go through each and every consideration carefully.

No one, except you, knows best about the situation you are in right now. Go through your financials and check your sleeping positions. What about back pains? Do you have any? What about your shopping preference – online or in-store?

Find the answers first. Then follow our guide and use the process of elimination to get to your final few selections.

If you are an experienced online shopper, go online and compare details of your selected models. If you rather see the product first and then spend money – go in-store, share your requirements and ask the salesman for suggestions.

Do everything we suggest and get the best bed for yourself.

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